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Our commitment to educating and caring for our students is the reason our students score in the top 2% on national tests. After graduation, our students are prepared for success at both public and private high schools all over the Metroplex.

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Christ-Centered Academics

Zion Lutheran School exists to provide a quality, Christ-centered education. We strive to provide a safe and healthy learning environment on our campus. We continually evaluate our health and safety measures in a constantly changing climate. Our teachers integrate the Christian faith into the classroom learning experiences in powerful and meaningful ways. We encourage and help our students to grow academically and spiritually.

Our curriculum includes the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) as prescribed by the Texas Education Agency “Standards for a Well-Balanced Curriculum” and “Integrating the Faith” as presented by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Our teachers not only meet these church and state requirements, they strive to exceed them. Our learning environments implement a variety of teaching techniques and learning aids seeking to help our students develop firm work and study habits.
Language Arts
Students develop skills to become stronger writers with solid language characteristics such as ideas and organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions. Visual and oral presentations allow additional creativity and give students a sense of pride in their accomplishments.
Mathematics are taught with real life applications that build a solid foundation in math concepts and computation. The spiral approach of Saxon Math keeps concepts fresh and boosts retention throughout the year. Having completed Alegbra I, our students graduate from Zion well prepared to excel in high school.
This cross-curricular subject embraces various genres at Zion. Classes incorporate both classical and contemporary literature as they aim to instill a love of reading in your child. In addition to the school's library, each classroom library offers enough titles to satisfy the most selective readers.
Our teachers foster curiosity through hands-on learning and experimentation as they learn about God's amazing creation. Students gain scientific knowledge as they carry out investigations, evaluate evidence, and draw conclusions. Middle school students participate in the annual Science Fair each January.
History &
Social Studies
Students are presented with a well-rounded world view, initially through broad community concepts in early elementary. These foundations are built upon for a more relevant connection to the history of Texas, the United States, and the world in upper elementary into middle school. Students become aware of our need to live together as God's children in an ever-changing and challenging world.
Religion is at the core of the mission of our school. While the Christian faith is integrated into all areas, all grade levels have religion curriculum that teaches the Bible from a Lutheran perspective. While we are distinctly Lutheran, many of the Christian principles taught align well with other Catholic and Protestant denominations. Our students study God's Word as they learn about His plan of salvation through the gift of Jesus Christ.

Enrichment Classes

Beyond the core classes, Zion Lutheran School provides diverse learning opportunities and experiences for our students. Working with students for consecutive years helps our specialized teachers become familiar with each student's capabilities and build strong relationships.

Student writing digitally
Technology is a constantly changing educational area. The computers and skills our students will use as adults may be entirely different than what they use today. Zion focuses on learning to use technology to solve problems and develop self-directed learners. In our younger grades, students focus on work flow, operating basic software, and keyboarding. As middle schoolers, they are introduced to a diverse range of skills that may ignite deeper interests to pursue further in high school.
Confused Child
Foreign Language
In Dallas, Texas, the ability to speak Spanish is a valuable asset that gives students the ability to communicate with a wider audience and a competitive edge in the workforce. Spanish is taught beginning at the Early Childhood level, when language acquisition is easiest. Spanish instruction continues to be taught at all grade levels through middle school. Many of our students are able to test into Spanish II as freshmen.
Child playing basketball
Physical Education
Physical Education is a part of the school day beginning in Kindergarten. Through games and activities, our students learn the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Students are introduced to basic nutrition, promoting healthy eating habits and frequent exercise as constructive ways to improve our physical and emotional health.

Fine Arts

Zion's students participate in a variety of artistic experiences as they develop the confidence to express their creativity. Through these experiences, our students discover new interests and skills they can pursue as they mature.


Our art program introduces students to basic concepts of art as they go through the grades. These concepts include composition, color, texture, and balance.  Students learn about art appreciation and various artists, exploring a variety of creative mediums, such as watercolor and acrylic painting, clay pottery, textiles, printmaking, and 3D sculpture.


Beginning in the 5th Grade, students have the option to learn to play an instrument and be a part of a larger band. Band is divided into introductory band and concert band based on experience and ability.


Zion students learn to sing and participate in choral groups starting in Kindergarten. As the students get older, the choirs become more complex - integrating solos and harmonies into pieces. Our choirs perform multiple times in the school year during worship services and concerts, as well as in the community.


Theater performances are another way our students can express themselves in the arts.  Each year, different grade levels cycle to perform one musical production in the spring. 8th Graders also perform an annual production each fall.


Athletics at Zion Lutheran School are considered an important part of the school experience for our students. Participating in competitive sports offers unique opportunities to develop skills beyond the classroom - such as sportsmanship, healthy lifestyle habits, and teamwork.

Athletic Philosophy

Zion's Varsity teams are comprised of 7th and 8th grade students.  These teams play against other area schools through the IAA League.  Varsity teams place a stronger emphasis on competition than Junior Varsity teams.

Zion's Junior Varsity teams are open to 5th and 6th grade students.  While still competitive, these teams focus on participation and player development.

Fall Sports

Junior Varsity
  • Volleyball
  • Flag Football
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer

Winter Sports

Junior Varsity
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Basketball

Spring Sports

Junior Varsity
  • Soccer
  • Track
  • Track
  • Tennis

Student Activities

Zion Lutheran School offers various activities that students can be involved in throughout the school year. Some activities may have limited capacities and age requirements, but are open to all eligible students.

Student Council

National Junior Honor Society

Scholar Bowl

Spelling Bee

Science Fair

Math Contest

Geography Bee

Theater Club

Robotics Team

Crazy 8's Math Club

Chess Club

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