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The Recreation Outreach Center (ROC) realizes a vision that began over ten years ago. However, in addition to paying off the loans for the building, there are various ongoing projects in and around the ROC that still require funding. If you are interested in making a financial contribution towards the ROC or an unfunded project, please click the button below and select the "Realize the Vision" option.

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Projects "In the Works"

Below are several projects that have not yet been funded. Some of these projects cannot be completed until funding is secured, while others have already been started with the faith and hope that funding will be secured in the near future.


On the east gable entry, a laser cut aluminum adaptation of the stained glass design in the church narthex entry would attach to the windows. The design would read "Go Make Disciples" from the exterior approach. Project is expected to cost $30,000.


A stone bench feature prominently sits at the foot of the cross of Zion's original 1964 Sanctuary. Clad with Texas Shell-Stone, this seating area provides opportunity for fellowship and gathering in the shade of the live oak trees. With about two-thirds funded, Zion needs about $18,000 to be completely funded.


This expansive and shaded area between the buildings is framed with a Brise Solei wall and provide various opportunities for gathering for the Church and the School. Students could gather in an outdoor setting for classes or reading. In the evening, the cables patio lights allow groups to gather in Christian fellowship.

Still Much To Be Done

As is often the case, one project leads to another. Zion continues to creatively grow and improve the facilities in and around the campus. Click here for a complete itemized list of the projects outstanding or in process. For more information about any of these projects, call the church office.

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